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Permanent Makeup Options:

Permanent Eyebrows

 Whether you've lost your own eyebrows  to over-plucking, disease  processes such as (Alopecia) or for patients after chemotherapy, this is by far the most sought after procedure. Eyebrows frame the face and give it expression.  Lisa takes great consideration for each individuals bone structure and skin tone. Incorporating her artistry with custom precision and the desire of her client.  Soft color is implanted combined with hair strokes complete a natural looking brow. Customized colors are chosen at the time of the procedure.  You will not look like you just came off of an assembly line. If you do have sparse hair in the brow line this will be discussed at the time of your consultation.

Wet Line Eyeliner (inner lid)

 Also available is the "WETLINE" technique where pigment is implanted inside the lid line. Since there is so much moisture on the inner lid, this procedure is helpful and you needn't worry if it can be rubbed off or not. If you've worn eyeliner this way, you will especially love the fact that you CANNOT blink it away !!!

Full Lip Color

 To women the shape, size and color of the lips are a focal point of the face. The tiring experience of lipstick rubbing off, smearing onto the fine lines around the mouth or onto your teeth! you can now have permanent lip color or lip liner that compliments your natural skin tone! Lisa can help you choose either a liner, the entire lip to be colored or both!.  Lip liner can be implanted as either definition around the mouth making it appear the entire lip has color by gradually transitioning the lip liner color so that it doesn't appear as a line but as a natural definition around the mouth. You can also choose a deeper color as the lip liner and then blend that in with a lighter color for the entire lip area.  Lining the lips is paramount to creating shape and balance to lips that either need reshaping or women who desire a fuller, more sensual mouth.  Another wonderful benefit to permanent lip color is that it can alleviate the look of fine lines around the mouth. When permanent color is implanted properly it can take years off of one's face.  Scars can also be concealed and cleft pallet patients have benefited by this procedure as well. At NuAge all procedures are done with the client's comfort in mind and topical anesthetics are used so that their experience is most tolerable.

Areola Repigmenting

  Permanent color in this area improves the appearance of a colorless or asymmetrical areola due to surgical scarring or lost color due to aging.

Also offered for post mastectomy patients that have undergone reconstructive surgery.

Scar Camouflage

 Scar and, areola repigmenting is the camouflaging of skin irregularities from causes such as injury, surgery or skin diseases.  Colors are custom blended to match the natural skin tone.  It is most successful in the areas that are not regularly exposed to direct sunlight.

Permanent Eyelash Extension Beautiful, natural looking, individually applied lashes that last up to two months.  This breakthrough service has offered a gorgeous alternative to sparse lash lines.  Now your lashes stay on in any kind of humidity.  swimming, showering, at the gym or sleeping they stay on!

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